Your style questions, answered by us.

Q: “Dear City, how do I dress for Autumn? In the mornings I’m cold, but come the afternoon I’m too hot and I can never seem to get it right. Hoping you can help!” – Jane, 38, Mum of 2

A: Hello Jane, thanks so much for your question.

Autumn is a particularly tricky time for dressing as the weather has yet to make up its mind. Even as I’m sitting writing this in my local café I’ve witnessed it change more times than Cher in concert. It’s basically Mother Nature’s pot-luck and knowing what to wear to combat a ‘could face literally anything’ day is tough, so you are not alone in your struggle.

There is hope however! The light at the end of this clothing tunnel is to master the subtle art of layering.

Luckily, I’ve compiled a few easy tips to fast-track you to becoming a trans-seasonal dressing machine:

 Think Thin

Fabric thickness is paramount to successful layering. If you go too thick, things get bulky very quickly and outerwear will end up feeling tight around your arms and back. Instead, choose thin base layers like shirts and go for fine-knit pieces over chunky knitwear.

Breathe Easy

Fabric choice is as equally important to consider. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton, wool or a cotton mix for your layers. Avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible as when the weather suddenly turns, they’ll become too stuffy to wear comfortably.

Less is More


Let’s be real, no one wants to end up looking like the person at the airport who decided to wear everything in their case to avoid paying an extra baggage fee. Not cute. Adopt a less is more approach instead. Stick to a base, middle and outer layer if you can and opt for similar colours in your pieces to achieve a harmonious look. You can always add a contrasting colour with a bold scarf/hat. I love this one from Accessorize:

The Sum of its Parts

The beauty of layering is that it’s adaptable, allowing you to add or remove a layer to suit. However, a common mistake I see people make is that they don’t think about what their outfit will look like minus that waistcoat or jumper later on in the day. Make sure your outfit looks just as ‘put together’ if you end up taking something off.

Sock it to Me


A ‘socks with heels’ combo might trigger cringeworthy memories of childhood holidays where socks and sandals were the norm amongst older family members… But trust me on this one. It can be a very fashion forward look when done correctly. The trick is to keep your socks minimalistic (black, white or nude) and this is easier to pull off with knee-length skirts.


Now go out and show Autumn who’s boss! – Zara, Fashion Editor

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