Awkwardly enough I never cared for the Teen Titans as a concept (minus Brother Blood) but even I know that Teen Titans Go! is a bit of an affront to long term fans. Batman: The Animated Series did something similar on Season 4, trading in grit and quality for giggles and an awful revamp of the animation style. The how’s and whys of fixing things that aren’t broken in the comic book adaptation industry baffles me but alas, here is this new mess.

Robin and his fellow Teen Titans try to get their own movie made against a lack of marketability and notoriety, all the while fighting a new super villain Slade (Deathstroke but never referred to as such for no reason) in an effort to be recognised. Meta and self aware, we get a few fight scenes and a lot of flatulence jokes as they try their hardest to juggle friendship and their goals.

Some highlights include multiple jokes at the expense of Batman and his big selling franchise, Superman is played by none other than Nicolas Cage which is awesome and Michael Bolton plays a tiger thing with an amazing montage beat that contains one of the best gags in the movie.

Unfortunately as a DC and comic fan in general I like my superheroes dour and troubled, so there is almost nothing here for me to really sink my teeth into. I get its marketed at children but I can’t really see a lot of youngsters even knowing who the Teen Titans are let alone going to the cinema to see a semi satirical movie filled with jokes and mocking references.

Conclusion: Not a lot to say. I don’t care for the Teen Titans and I sure as hell don’t like the animation style. It has its moments but they end up quite forgettable. At least there is a groovy Michael Bolton tune to walk away with in your head… It was on my Spotify before I left the building. 

Score: 1.1/5


Andrew Hayes

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