The hardest thing I’ve been struggling with while trying to write this review is the concept that it was based on a novel. I would love to know who read this sci-fi Twilight 3rd rate X-men nonsense and thought “Do you know what, I need to rally a budget of 34 million dollars and get a largely unknown cast and make this happen!” Alas defying all logic somebody made it happen. Joy of joys…

Our story begins with a dystopian future where loads of kids die from a disease and the survivors are now superpowered mutants. Naturally the government try to take control of the situation but are secretly unpleasant about it and the kids try to break free from the shackles of really, really bad parenting. They sort of do and then an attempt at a teen movie takes place across a bit of America before a climactic fight with some dude with silly special effects.

The movie mainly falters due to the cardinal sin of film: being boring. I mean it is really boring. Almost all the plot points are by the numbers and the acting is soap opera at best. I was able to guess the big twist off the bat and then had to suffer the lead up to it for around an hour and a half.

The kids playing the main cast clearly tried their best and thought this would be the first chapter of a new franchise but no thank you. The love interest of the protagonist looks like a young Gary Busey but with all the features he currently has and the comic relief character is mostly just cringe. The villain(s) are poor, uninspired and clearly stolen from other franchises.

Conclusion: A complete misfire that is set up like some sort of Hungry Games entry point but ends up coming off like a weird Sky One original with a corner cutting budget. I feel bad for the young cast because there is a level of sincerity to their interest but the whole film is hollow and feels like a cash grab attempt.


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