When I got wind that Jason Statham was going to probably punch a giant shark in the face I was utterly delighted. Films like The Expendables have tried their hardest to revisit the utterly ridiculous “Commando” style films but have failed at most turns to fully follow through. ‘The Meg’ swings for it as best it can, with fun results. Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor (yes, Jonas…), a deep sea diver who ends up stranded with his pals face to face with a megalodon. It’s allegedly a thriller but as a fan of one star or less Amazon movies I do find my funny bone being tickled throughout the action set pieces. I can’t quite go into the plot obviously as this is spoiler free but needless to say it would take less than a paragraph to summarise.

It feels like a real throwback; and is entirely self aware of how absurd everything is, which delights me. Some of the deaths are mired in a grim marketing plan where we get the 12a rating instead of what should really be 15 or higher considering the giant ass shark and the amount of fantastic violence we COULD have had. Studio producers really should have more faith in their product because the amount of people out there that want a huge shark to eat folks in horrific ways would certainly pay the bills. At least this guy thinks so, anywho…that aside it’s still visually stunning and the shark itself is truly a beauty to behold. Alot of sequences it’s fully visible to show off it’s design and others they try to make it more subtle in murky waters blending in somewhat like ‘Alien’, which is again odd because the studio should have just gone full tilt in one direction rather than try and appeal to everyone. 

Conclusion: I’ll restate it, studios need more faith in their end product. Take a leaf out of the ‘Insidious’ movies and just deliver that product for the many people that just want to enjoy EXACTLY that. All told it was fun and I’d absolutely watch it again with a few beers for a laugh. I’m happy to see a return to ridiculous and absurd movies. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. 

Score: 3.5/5 



Andrew Hayes

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